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Fall Portraits

The “Fall Portrait” advantage is that we use the beauty of the fall foliage as a stunning natural backdrop for your portraits. In addition, being able to include a child’s photo as part of a school record in your database or paper filing system can create a more accurate outcome for your record keeping system. Student and staff ID’s with photographs offer increased security for the full school year. Hayward Photography is proud to share up to 25% of sales generated from fall portrait sales with our school partners.

Spring Portraits

The “Spring Portrait” advantage is that we use the beauty of the spring flowers and fresh new growth as a stunning natural backdrop for your portraits. The children tend to be more settled into the school year in the springtime and we can often capture a more natural and relaxed portrait at this time of year. Spring portraits can also be designed to capture a more casual setting and can make great gift options for the many spring holidays.

Group/Class Portraits

Our unique outdoor photography style is also incorporated into our group/class portraits. These photos may be taken in various areas on the grounds of your school such as adjacent wooded areas, play structures, landscaped gardens, etc. Each school is different. We coordinate and plan in advance, so we can select the best possible location for you.

Sibling Portraits

Providing sibling photography on school picture day is an easy and affordable way to offer beautiful pictures to your families. It can also be a great cost savings by providing them with the option to purchase one portrait of all their children together.

Senior Portrait and Yearbook Program

We can coordinate with your school to provide exclusive photography for senior and yearbook portraits. We offer multiple sitting times and locations as well as the ease of online scheduling to coordinate with the student’s schedule. Online proofing makes it easy for students and parents to make their portrait selections. Your school will receive all digital images for easy transfer to your yearbook company in the format that you choose.

School Service Items

Many schools request copies of the student and staff images we capture. Some schools want to merge digital portraits into school databases or want to include a photo print in each child’s personal file. Other schools want the increased security of photo ID’s for staff and students. The options for each school are endless and we can customize any of your school service photography needs. Examples of products available include administrative software CD, class directories and adhesive strips.

Fundraising/Special Event

Photography and fundraising join together to create a great way to add extra school funds as well as provide a great service to your parents. Panoramic group shots, family photo day, professional candid shots at a special event, and holiday cards are examples of ways to increase your fundraising potential. Busy families love our special photography events and often participate because they know it benefits their child’s school and it saves them planning time and money.

School Profit Sharing Commission Plan

  • A signed 1 year contact provides a 20% commission plan
  • A signed 3 year contract provides 25% commission plan
  • Additional discount may be available for having your photos taken in the spring!