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Parent FAQs

The school will share a link to our website with details of our package offerings prior to picture day. You can preorder your child’s pictures from this link. ONLINE ORDERS AND CREDIT/DEBIT CARD PAYMENT ARE PREFERRED AND STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. No forms need to be returned by parents. Photo identification cards/tickets will be sent to the school prior to Picture Day. The preorder option and preorder pricing is only available up to two days after Picture Day. Late payments can be forwarded directly to Hayward Photography (26 Eliot Street, Milton, MA 02186). Due to COVID19 guidelines, individual print orders will be mailed directly to the home address within 4 weeks.



We photograph everyone during Picture Day whether or not payment has been received. If you do not order by the preorder deadline, your child will receive a NO BUY card with a small proof of their picture and instructions to go online to order. Because late orders are processed separately, they may be subject to additional shipping/handling and higher package pricing and may not be distributed at the same time as the other students’ orders. If paying by check, please mail your order information along with payment to Hayward Photography 26 Eliot Street, Milton, MA 02186.

Our photography looks best when your child wears solid colors, primary or pastel. We suggest avoiding neon, geometric prints, clothing with large logos or other extremely bright prints. They tend to distract from the child being photographed.

Siblings may be photographed together as an additional package option, but this option is under the discretion of the school. Please contact your child’s school to see if they allow sibling photos and if so, how they will schedule the photo (usually before or after the regular school session). A sibling includes children who attend the school and younger siblings only. Please call our office regarding payment for sibling photos.

If your child’s school has scheduled a Retake Day, your child can be photographed then without any additional cost to you. The Retake Day is scheduled after the original photo packages have been returned to the school. Check with your school office about the retake day and inform them that you are interested in having your child photographed.

The majority of our portraits are taken outdoors using nature as the backdrop. Our professional photographers collaborate with the school to locate a safe and picturesque spot on the school grounds to photograph the children. We find that the outdoor environment is the best backdrop for the quality of the portrait and the children seem to be the most natural and relaxed in this setting. In the case of severe inclement weather, we will photograph indoors utilizing traditional oil-painted canvas backdrops.

Our portrait packages will be delivered approximately 4-6 weeks after the original picture day.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we stand behind our portraits 100%. Our retake and return rate are far below the industry standard. This speaks volumes about our dedication to quality. If a parent is unhappy with the portrait they received and the school schedules a Retake Day, then they are welcome to have their child sit for a retake. Please inform your child’s teacher that you would like to participate in the retake day. Your original, undamaged portrait package must be returned to the photographer on Retake Day in order for us to produce a new package. If a class/group photo was also taken, you may keep this as they will not be retaken or reprinted.

Should you still be unhappy with the package or if there is no retake day offered at the school, we will issue a full refund upon receipt of the original, undamaged package.

Yes! Parents can order additional prints or specialty products via our secure, online ordering system (www.haywardphotography.com). Each school is assigned a “Gallery Code” and each child has their own “Personal Pin”. This information will be provided with the original picture order.

Photographs from previous years may still be available for purchase. Since these orders are processed separately a $25.00 RETRIEVAL FEE AND SHIPPING AND HANDLING FEE WILL APPLY. Contact Hayward Photography at [email protected] or (617) 698-1840 to inquire.

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