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School FAQs

We currently have 2 photography plans to choose from – Pre-Pay and Proofs

Pre-Pay Plan *most popular

This is the easiest plan for most schools.  We will provide you with a link to our website to share with parents that detail our package offerings prior to picture day. Parents can order from this link.  ONLINE ORDERS ARE PREFERRED AND STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  No forms need to be returned by parents.  Photo identification cards/tickets will be sent to the school prior to Picture Day.  The cards are labeled individually for each student and sorted alphabetically then separated by classrooms according to the database that we receive from the school. The cards should be distributed by the school staff member to each student as they approach the photographer on Picture Day.  Due to COVID19 guidelines, individual print orders will be mailed directly to the home address within 4 weeks.  If parents do not order by the preorder deadline, they will receive a NO BUY card with a small proof of their child with instructions to go online to order.  Late orders may be subject to additional shipping/handling and higher package pricing.


Proof Plan

This plan works well for smaller preschools and daycare centers.  We provide you with a flyer announcing the picture date that can be distributed to your parents.  We will photograph all of your children and send proof strips of each child to you for distribution.  Each proof strip will have a gallery code, a unique personal pin and instructions on how to view the proofs and place an order online using our secure website.  Orders placed within 2 weeks of receiving the proofs are shipped to the school for free.  After the 2 weeks have passed, parents may still order, however, shipping and handling fees will apply and these orders will be shipped directly to their home address.

Everett Hayward has selected and trained a team of experienced children’s photographers who have expertise in Environmental Photography. Our photographers are professionals who work in the industry on a full-time basis. In addition, all of our photographers are CORI checked.

Hayward Photography is the industry leader in Environmental or Outdoor Photography. We use the natural environment as our backdrop. Our professional photographers plan in advance with the school to choose a safe location on the school’s grounds to photograph the children. We find that the outdoor environment creates the best backdrop for the portrait and the children seem to be the most natural and relaxed in this setting.

Pictures will be taken rain or shine, as it is too difficult to schedule a rain date. As the expert in environmental photography, Hayward Photography makes every effort to photograph the children outdoors. We have been very creative taking pictures while it is raining by utilizing a sheltered doorway or overhang. If the inclement weather is severe, then we will require a 10’ x 15’ area that is free from distractions (i.e. gym, cafeteria, etc.). Our photographers will come prepared with traditional oil-painted canvas backdrops and lights.

Our experience of photographing in a school setting is the key to minimal disruption. Our professionals are fully aware of a school’s busy day and use many creative techniques to meet the challenges of photographing children. We work hard to get the best expressions in the quickest time frame. In addition, we send as many photographers as needed in order to complete the session prior to the children’s lunch time. Your Account Manager will provide you with an appropriate scheduling template to plan the day and minimize any lag time.

It is Hayward Photography’s policy that the photographer is never left alone with the children at any time. Either the teacher or a parent volunteer must be present. This is for the protection of both the children and the photographer.

Although it is not required, parent volunteers are strongly encouraged for many reasons. The photographer will try to ensure that the children are properly groomed (i.e. hair combed, collar straight, etc.). Often young children become intimidated when someone they do not know approaches them. It has been our experience that they are much more comfortable with a parent they are familiar with who is available to help. Also, if we are running ahead of schedule or if a class is late in coming out at their scheduled time, it is helpful to have someone who knows the school to serve as a “runner”. We ask that there is one parent volunteer per photographer and as a thank you for their time; we will provide them with a complimentary portrait package for one child.

We are the leader in profit sharing photography and proudly offer the following commission plans based on the length of contract that is signed:

  • A one-year contract provides a 20% commission plan for that year
  • A three-year contract provides a 25% commission plan for each of the three years

Additionally, we provide each staff member who is photographed with 2 complimentary 5” x 7” photos; classroom teachers will receive a complimentary copy of their class photo and staff members are entitled to a 25% discount on portrait package purchases for their children who attend the school.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we stand behind our portraits 100%. Our retake and return rate are far below the industry standard. This speaks volumes about our dedication to quality. If a parent is unhappy with the portrait they received, we will issue a full refund upon receipt of the original, undamaged package.

Hayward Photography is happy to accommodate your various photographic needs. We would be happy to discuss a Sibling and/or Family Photo Day as an additional fundraising opportunity for your school. In addition, All School Group Photos, All Staff Group Photos, and All Grade/Team Photos can be taken.

Outstanding customer service is what makes Hayward Photography different from our competitors. Each school receives personal attention by being assigned an Account Manager. This means that every time someone from your school or one of your parents calls our office, they will be able to speak with the same person. Our team of Account Managers has been with us for many years and are available Monday – Friday to deal with any questions that concern your school. Excellent customer service is why our clients keep coming back. When you choose a photography company, the assumption is that they are able to take quality pictures. What sets us apart is our record of customer satisfaction, and the lowest retake percentage in the industry (1% or less).

Hayward Photography

Hayward Photography is the leading Boston area school portrait photographer. We specialize in school, senior, family, and professional portraits.

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